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Seasons greetings and a move! December 30, 2010

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Hello dear readers, how are you celebrating your holidays?  I know some of us have been snowed in for couple of days in the northeast, due to the weekend blizzard.  And some of you might have been stranded at the airports due to weather delays.  No matter what, life goes on!  It seemed like  just yesterday we welcomed year 2010 and it is already time to say farewell to it and welcome the new year.  Before I welcome 2011, I want to let you all know that MySpicyKitchen has a new home.  It is moving to Please make a note of it.

I will be moving this blog to it’s new home in a day or two.   I will setup a redirect once I move the blog and all the traffic coming here will be redirected to the MySpicyKitchen’s new home.  I will also change the feedburner feeds so that you do not have to resubscribe to the blog.   If there is a problem with the feed and you are not receiving the feeds after the move, please let me know and will try to fix it.   However, if you subscribed to the blog with an email to receive a notification when new posts are published, not to the feebdurner via email, unfortunately, you have to resubscribe to the blog.  It is the circled subscription form in the picture below.  You won’t see that email subscription widget now because I disabled it.

I would hate to lose my readers and to make the transition easy for those of you who did an email subscription, I can manually subscribe you all to the new blog.  When you subscribe to the blog, wordpess shows me the list of all the emails subscribed to the blog.   Once I add you to the new  feedburner feed via email using that list, all you have to do is confirm the subscription.  OR you could do it (subscribe) yourself.   I apologize for the inconvenience and there is no other way to resolve this issue.  See you all very soon at the MySpicyKitchen’s new home.  Please bookmark the new homepage and  remember it is NOT .com.  See you all very soon!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!


Sautéed Fresh Garbanzo Beans ~ Sautéed Green Chana December 8, 2010

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Sweet Punch: Pear, Chocolate & Almond Crumble December 7, 2010

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Sweet punch for the month of December is Pear, Chocolate and Almond crumble. I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved it. I followed the recipe Divya gave us, with a few substitutions. I made one and half times the given recipe and used both store-bought pears and garden pears. My cousin sent some pears from California and I must tell you, pears from her garden are very sweet and juicy! In fact the pears I picked up from the store were tasteless and wished I had used garden pears instead. Despite the tasteless pears, the crumble turned out excellent! At least, that is the feedback I got from my nieces and nephews.

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Broccoli & Egg Whites Stir Fry

Broccoli is a very nutritional vegetable. Until few years ago, I did not like the vegetable and seldom cooked it at home. Once I acquired it’s taste, I like it very much and don’t mind making it at home once in a while. I usually steam it or just saute it in some oil with salt, pepper and some garlic. Lately, I have been making quick stir fry with basic Indian spices and some tomato, to make broccoli  more  flavorful. To make this stir fry even more healthier, I add some boiled egg whites to the fry. Egg whites are mostly for U, who loves eggs & meats, and is trying to eat healthy. Broccoli and egg whites stir fry is certainly a one healthy side dish to go with plain rice!

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Indian Cooking Challenge: Varo November 15, 2010

The recipe for October’s Indian cooking challenge is  Sindhi sweet called Varo, a dry fruits or nuts brittle.  Nuts brittle also called chikki, is made of jaggery in South India, unlike varo which is made of sugar.  

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Fresh Garbanzo Beans Pulao with Tomato Yogurt Pachadi November 12, 2010

Last week, I visited my cousin for Diwali and she made green chana eka fresh green garbanzo beans pulao.  That made me nostalgic!  Back home, every winter, these green chana, also called hari boot or hari bhoot would make it to the dining table very often.  At times, it was our  breakfast or evening snack as sautéed chana and sometimes  as rice pulao for lunch.

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Sweet Punch: Eggless Instant Chocolate Mousse November 7, 2010

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This is my first Sweet Punch participation and one of the sweets chosen of this month was Eggless Instant Chocolate Mousse. The other two recipes were Tomato Souffle and Chocolate Mousse with egg. I joined the sweet punch group just before Dasera and what better day to start off the new event than on Dasera! Hence, the sweet for this Dasera was eggless chocolate mousse. I also wanted to try tomato souffle before the deadline but never got to bake it.

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