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Murmura Upma June 7, 2008

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7 Responses to “Murmura Upma”

  1. Cinnamon Says:

    Hey Thanks for visiting my Blog.. you have a wonderful blog here… Nce recipes 🙂

  2. uvr Says:

    thanks, cinnamon…..

  3. […]  Whenever he eats breakfast at home, I make roties with chicken shorva or tomato shorva, upma or murmuras.  When he doesn’t, I eat whatever is around.  I eat anything that is easy to fix and does […]

  4. Sheela Says:

    I like the recipes, here, especially the telugu ones, you hardly have hyderabadi telugu recipes on websites, mostly all are from Andhra telugu recipes.
    A BIG thank you to all the ladies who are contributing to this blog.

  5. Sheela Says:

    heh Usha, you are doing fine, an excellent job infact. I need to try the Ariselu recipe of yours, you specifically mentioned Rice flour from chinese shop. I am in UAE and we get rice powder, like how we have ready chapati atta, similar to that. Just want to know if I can use this rice powder or pindi. And which is the best jaggery to use, this is the tricky part, if the jaggery is not of good quality the ariselu will be a disaster.

    My s-i-l is on visit to UAE and I asked her to teach me Rose cookies and now I now how to make them.

    Thanks for everything.

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