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Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls July 25, 2008

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5 Responses to “Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls”

  1. Nupur Says:

    They look delicious! Thanks for participating in the event.

  2. Zlamushka Says:

    Great entry. Love these rolls, that would definitely make my morning. Thanks for participating in the event, hopefully you ll find some time in next month´s challenge, as well.

  3. Padma Says:

    Wow now thats a nice entry, I am also in search of such easy recipe for MBP-more is less, gimme some ideas, I think I am running out and need badly…..

    Love the crispy rolls!

    MBP – less is more event is over, nupur even did the round up….

  4. shubha Says:

    Hey usha…. Nice to see ur blog… u have an amazing blog and some nice recipes…. well didnt see much of it yet… I am a vegetarian so have to sought out recipes from ur blog…. hehehe:)

    I saw the link from MSI(orkut)…. I am a member there..(present name : Ulta Pulta with a funny snap hehhehe)

    Nice one

    I am shubha

    Hi Shubha, I have a category Vegetarian. If you click that, u will get all the veg recipes that i have. BTW, u have a nice blog too… 🙂

  5. Meeta Says:

    lovely recipe isn’t it? glad you liked it and thank you for trying it out!

    thanks for sharing the recipe, Meeta

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