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Vegetable Noodles August 19, 2008

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4 Responses to “Vegetable Noodles”

  1. Amu Says:

    Top Ramen is my Fav too…esp the Curry ones…My comfort food when Bhanu is not home for dinner….

    Nice Idea Usha…will give it a Try…:-)

    I agree amu, it is a comfort food when i am alone for dinner/lunch.

  2. srilekha Says:

    hi usha
    u can send smoothies and lassi for the event! poori is looking so good!

    I will try to participate in the event… and thanks for prompt reply…

  3. Padma Says:

    I used to eat endless top ramen during my hostel days and kinds of grown out of it, but your dish looks interesting Usha!

    I always stock it in my pantry… it is quick meal to fix when i am alone.. 😉

  4. Easycrafts Says:

    Its my fav dish when I am hungry and no mood to do elaborate cooking…thanks for participating

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