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Orange Basundi August 22, 2008

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14 Responses to “Orange Basundi”

  1. Amu Says:

    As usual…Great Post…:-)
    The Deco in the end looks awesome…

  2. Aparna Says:

    This is a dessert I like as well. I make a different version from one of my cookbooks, but it is good.
    Thanks for participating in MBP: Fruit Fare.

  3. Lisa Says:

    It looks lovely! Would you consider this to be like a dessert “soup”? I’m unsure of the end texture…

  4. Apple Says:

    Basundi looks lovely Usha…Orange peel flowers baavunnayi

    Thanks!!! Welcome back!!! Missed your encouraging comments…

  5. Padma Says:

    Orange basundi is really new concept ra! Nice and lovely pics with orange peels and juz wondering how are u keeping track of all the food events going on!

  6. Ramya Says:

    Wow,that sounds so cool and yummy!lassi is really diff 🙂 and orange basundi also…


  7. Paru Says:

    Lassi looks cool and yummy..


  8. srilekha Says:

    halo spicykitchen
    i haven’t received ur mail for the event and so i failed to publish it! anyway, do not worry, i’ll update the roundup with ur entries in a day or two and cheer up!

  9. Tina Says:

    Beautiful pictures!! it looks so delicious!!

  10. Madhavi Says:

    Awesome post, I jus saw ur entry n RC. Basundi look mouth-drooling, yummmmmm!!!

    Thanks MAdhavi and thanks to Nupur for sharing this recipe with us.

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  13. […] other variations of basundi by Aayisrecipes, My Spice Kitchen and Delhi […]

  14. Shruti Says:

    Hi.. thats a lovely thing.. orange basundi. I tried sitafal/ custard apple once.. and it was just mind blowing. I would suggest, even if you don’t want to put any condensed milk and just be patient for the milk to thicken a bit.. it tastes just great!

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