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Frozen Berries with Warm White Chocolate September 8, 2008

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9 Responses to “Frozen Berries with Warm White Chocolate”

  1. yasmeen Says:

    A simply chocolaty delicious recipe. I love berries and Chocolate combo.

  2. sangeeth Says:

    Thanks …i have resubmitted the recipe…chk it out…

  3. sangeeth Says:

    and btw luved the berries 🙂

  4. Padma Says:

    I am a big fan of WHite chocolate…. love the idea of mixing with berries, I have frozen ones in my freezer, must put to use.

  5. Vij Says:

    this is my first time here…so have a lovely space..
    the recipe is simple n wonderful…
    I am pretty new to this blogsphere…jus popped into say a hi!

  6. Meeta Says:

    refreshing and decadent. a lovely entry thanks!

  7. Sia Says:

    simple yet delicious… my kind of dessert 🙂

  8. Madhuram Says:

    The moment I saw the name I remembered that I saw it in Food TV. I also wanted to try it immediately, but somehow could not get to it. It really sounds so delicious.

    It is delicious and if you are chocolate lover like me, you will love it… 🙂

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