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Chikkudu Kaya Kura – Indian Broad Beans Fry February 10, 2009

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6 Responses to “Chikkudu Kaya Kura – Indian Broad Beans Fry”

  1. Alka Says:

    Lovely and healthy entry,i absolutely adore lilva beans and my mom makes one of the best dry dish using these.hey,it just hit upon me,i haven’t yet grabbed this recipe from my mom.Thanks for participating and sending this favorite of mine 🙂
    Just one question…errr where is the pic of final dish?isnt it there or is it my firefox that’s playing nasty

    Alka, I have not put up the pic of the final dish yet. I will put it today. Yesterday, by the time finished cooking, it got cloudy and did not have enough natural light to get a good pic of the dish. I don’t like the pictures that are take under the lamp lighting. I was eager to post the recipe, I couldn’t wait until this morning to capture a good pic of the dish and then post the recipe.. 😉

    I will update the pic today and then email you the details that you require to post the round up.


  2. Alka Says:

    Thnks dear,i can understand the hassles of lighting.U know i never take pictures after sunset,even if i make sumthng good at dinner,i save some portion for the next day and click it in day time to get some decent pics
    Truly awesome looking beans dish,i would love to give it a shot as these are so regular at my home(we make it in simple onion tomato base)

  3. Mona Says:

    Thats looks so good. I feel having it with a few warm rotis right now!

  4. Soma Says:

    I never see these broad beans here. My kids love picking on the seeds & eating. The recipe is good!

    Thanks Soma! My Indian store here NY carries broad beans but not the seedy ones. Last month I was lucky. I usually get the flat, seedless broad beans (valor) and add frozen valor beans (seeds) to the vegetable to make it seedy. I love picking out the seeds from the vegetable 🙂

  5. Prasanthi Says:

    I tried this recipe and it turned out too gud.This is my new favourite veggie.

  6. Uv Says:

    It was a flop show…I dnt know what went wrong..:(

    I am sorry it was a flop show! I can’t imagine what could have gone wrong…

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