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Wish you all a Happy Ugadi!!! March 27, 2009

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Wish you all a Happy Ugadi and a Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates it today, according to the hindu lunisolar calendar.  After coming to the USA, I have not celebrate Ugadi in a long time.  I normally do not do anything special for Ugadi, like the other festivals. For me it is like any other day.   Today, I was in the spirit of celebrating and decided to make semiya payasam.  I know it is not a traditional Ugadi sweet and I even considered Bhaksyalu/Burelu, and Mr.U did not show any interest in it.  So I decided on Semiya Payasam.  I am the one with a sweet tooth in the house and I wanted to prepare something quick and fast.

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3 Responses to “Wish you all a Happy Ugadi!!!”

  1. indosungod Says:

    Happy Ugadi!
    I chanced upon your blog by accident. I love the biryani and the shorvas you have here. I am going to try the egg dum biryani soon. Will let you know how it turns out.

    By the way this payasam is my favorite quick and easy sweet.

  2. Padma Says:

    Semya payasam picture adurs… chala bagundi…
    B. Happy Ugadi to you too! How have you been doing?

  3. Ramya Says:

    wow Its mouth watering Usha.

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