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Anne Hathaway’s Garden June 28, 2009

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I got back from my vacation last Monday.  I had a great time in London.  I watched lot of cricket and explored London, when I was not at a match.  One day, I took a day trip to Stratford upon Avon, birth place of William Shakespeare.  Part of that tour was William Shakespeare’s birth home and also Anne Hathaway’s Cottage.  Anne Hathaway was William Shakespeare’s wife and I liked her cottage very much. In fact, I liked it more than that of Shakespeare’s birth home.  Anne Hathaway cottage is very beautiful with a beautiful english garden.  The roof of the cottage was redone recently and the interiors of the cottage are preserved as it was during the Hathaway’s.  The garden has many beautiful flowers and vegetables.

Today I am not sharing a recipe with you all,  but am sharing some beautiful pictures of Anne Hathaway’s vegetable garden.  I have a few pictures of my London trip on my other blog which I posted while on vacation.  I have not updated that blog since I got back.



On Vacation… June 14, 2009

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Hello everyone…. I am on vacation right now in London and will not be posting any recipes for another 10 days.  I am having a great time here.  I will be back in New York next week and until then chao…