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Brinjal Raita March 8, 2010

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6 Responses to “Brinjal Raita”

  1. chitra Says:

    Never heard or had an opportunity to taste this..I luv i will surely like this..nice entry !!

  2. Bong Mom Says:

    Hey, this is in answer to your question about Doi Ilish.

    If you don’t get Hilsa, look for a fish called Shad. But I myself don’t see it too often these days.

    If nothing else try with salmon, won’t taste same but we like it. If using salmon, marinate the salmon with a little fresh lime juice, salt, ginger paste, red chili powder and turmeric for at least 30-40 minutes before you cook

  3. Bong Mom Says:

    Brinjal Raita tastes awesome, had it at a party and loved it

  4. Malar Gandhi Says:

    I love brinjal raitha, thought i am the only one’ who turns everything into yogurt based dish…this looks wonderful delicious:)

    • usha Says:

      Well, that is the only way I get my daily required or at least some of the calcium thru my diet.. I don’t like plain yogurt.. 🙂

  5. sig Says:

    I have had another dish where the eggplant pieces are sauteed and then the yogurt is drizzled over it, I loved that combination. So I am sure the raita will be great too.

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