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Indian Cooking Challenge: Saggu Biyyam Murukulu April 15, 2010

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8 Responses to “Indian Cooking Challenge: Saggu Biyyam Murukulu”

  1. Any how we are going to eat only after breaking them or 🙂 I see that the murukku dough you prepared is very dry…If you have mixed with little more water they would have come out in perfect shape….But whats there in the shape…only taste matters girl!!! Wonderful effort 🙂

    You are right manju.. I think I should have added some more water to the dough, to make it softer… I was blaming my muruku press for the shape and how unpractical the press was… This was my first attempt at murukulu… never made them before…

  2. Jayasri Says:

    Lovely Murukku, looks very crispy and nice, you have a lovely space…., first time here.

  3. PS Says:

    yummy muruku.. my first time here.. you have a nice space. glad to follow you..

  4. Swathi Says:

    Your muruku looks really good.

  5. Nutan Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Loved your blog and muruku pics. I will be following you.

    Thanks stopping by and for following my blog, Nutan!

  6. Srivalli Says:

    Glad that you finally did make it!..:)

  7. Nisha Says:

    Your muruku looks great.

  8. Namitha Says:

    They look perfect and yumm..guess you enjoyed the challenge

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