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Plagiarism, a new look and some fish patties October 26, 2010

Filed under: Appetizers/Snacks,Non Vegetarian — usha @ 10:31 pm

Let me start off with serious business first, plagiarism is something every blogger dreads about.  Every other month, this topic is brought to forefront by bloggers who have become victims or have a friend who has become a victim of this act.  In many cases it is a blogger replicating a recipe and/or a photo from another blog and at times it is the mainstream media that stoops to this  act.

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11 Responses to “Plagiarism, a new look and some fish patties”

  1. Anita Says:

    They do it because they think they can get away with it. But readers are more aware than they think!
    Print magazines are more careful (unless they are from the TOI stables), and will, at the very least, acknowledge the oversight.

  2. notyet100 Says:

    never tried patties with fish ,look yum,..:-)

  3. notyet100 Says:

    nd ya like the new look of ur blog:-)

  4. bergamot Says:

    I too had the same experience but I take it in the stride..look at the bright side, the pic was so good it got published!! Jokes apart, the best way to protect them would be to put our signatures on the pics but I am too lazy to do that. I barely manage to put up post. The fish cutlets look good. I like the small pattern of fish on the plate with sauce.

  5. Yummy patties, loved the creativity with the sauce…

  6. Sunita Says:

    Nice template Usha, loved the colorful theme.. the font could have been bigger as you said, but the organization and look is inviting 🙂
    And really loved the playful presentation.. sauce fish is very cute!

  7. notyet100 Says:

    wish u happy diwali,..

  8. Choclette Says:

    Your new look is good. Not giving proper credit is really bad form and makes me cross. I really should work out how to put my name on my photos, but haven’t managed it yet.

  9. samatha Says:

    Thanks to you and ur blog !! My husband, who was an alien to the cooking world, got inspired from ur blog and made the fish patties !! Today is d frist time I checked out ur blog, it’s great !! Keep up with d gud recipes 🙂

  10. Niv Mani Says:

    I’m sure magazines & Newspapers are going to be a bit careful about shamelessly ‘lifting’ content after the uproar that erupted today with cooks source magazine & its editor Judith Griggs..Maybe some one should start a blog page of shame listing these Plagiarizing (*^%R$&^%^@# s!!

  11. Meena Says:

    Beautiful Pictures. I love the “Fish” Sauce!!!

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