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Savory Onion Crackers ~ Baked Nippattu November 3, 2010

Deepavali or Diwali is next week and I normally do not prepare any savouries and sweets for the festival, unlike the tradition back home. This year however, seeing the preparations of fellow bloggers, I was motivated to prepare some at home. Sunday morning, I baked Nippattu from Red Chillies and she says baked nippattu are very popular in Bangalore bakeries.

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6 Responses to “Savory Onion Crackers ~ Baked Nippattu”

  1. RedChillies Says:

    Thanks for trying this Usha and glad you liked it. Happy Deepavali to oyu all.

  2. pavani Says:

    snack looks crispy n yummy.. Happy Deepavali to you n your family..

  3. Sunita Says:

    Looks yummy.. will try it for thanksgiving n let u know how they come out. Happy Diwali to you too Usha 🙂

  4. sayantani Says:

    I often make this but yet to post. love these anytime and you made it so so perfectly.
    Happy diwali dear Usha.

  5. suchitra Says:

    intersting dish usha will give it a try!!

  6. Nupur Says:

    Thanks for sharing your trick! They look so tasty- thanks for the entry.

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