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Sweet Punch: Pear, Chocolate & Almond Crumble December 7, 2010

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Sweet punch for the month of December is Pear, Chocolate and Almond crumble. I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved it. I followed the recipe Divya gave us, with a few substitutions. I made one and half times the given recipe and used both store-bought pears and garden pears. My cousin sent some pears from California and I must tell you, pears from her garden are very sweet and juicy! In fact the pears I picked up from the store were tasteless and wished I had used garden pears instead. Despite the tasteless pears, the crumble turned out excellent! At least, that is the feedback I got from my nieces and nephews.

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Broccoli & Egg Whites Stir Fry

Broccoli is a very nutritional vegetable. Until few years ago, I did not like the vegetable and seldom cooked it at home. Once I acquired it’s taste, I like it very much and don’t mind making it at home once in a while. I usually steam it or just saute it in some oil with salt, pepper and some garlic. Lately, I have been making quick stir fry with basic Indian spices and some tomato, to make broccoli  more  flavorful. To make this stir fry even more healthier, I add some boiled egg whites to the fry. Egg whites are mostly for U, who loves eggs & meats, and is trying to eat healthy. Broccoli and egg whites stir fry is certainly a one healthy side dish to go with plain rice!

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Fresh Garbanzo Beans Pulao with Tomato Yogurt Pachadi November 12, 2010

Last week, I visited my cousin for Diwali and she made green chana eka fresh green garbanzo beans pulao.  That made me nostalgic!  Back home, every winter, these green chana, also called hari boot or hari bhoot would make it to the dining table very often.  At times, it was our  breakfast or evening snack as sautéed chana and sometimes  as rice pulao for lunch.

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Savory Onion Crackers ~ Baked Nippattu November 3, 2010

Deepavali or Diwali is next week and I normally do not prepare any savouries and sweets for the festival, unlike the tradition back home. This year however, seeing the preparations of fellow bloggers, I was motivated to prepare some at home. Sunday morning, I baked Nippattu from Red Chillies and she says baked nippattu are very popular in Bangalore bakeries.

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Indian Cooking Challenge: Punjabi Pakora Kadhi October 15, 2010

I was in India last month and could not part of last month’s challenge. This month’s challenge is Punjabi Kadhi, Simran’s recipe.  Kadhi is  a yogurt based gravy, cooked in several parts of India and each part of the country has its own way of preparing it.  Growing up, I had eaten kadhi at my neighbor’s place but never Punjabi Kadhi.   So, I was excited to make it and also for a  change, it was nice to try out something other than a sweet or a snack for ICC.

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Soya Nuggets Curry October 9, 2010

I am not a big fan of soya nuggets and these nuggets are strangers in my kitchen. However, I like soya granules and cook it once in a while. The reason I don’t particular like soya nuggets is, no matter how much spice I add to it, it always tastes bland and I also do not like the texture of nuggets. I have eaten soya nuggets at my relatives places and it tasted fine. I tried following their recipe but cooking good soya nuggets just wasn’t my cup of tea! I normally soak the nuggets in boiling water, squeeze out all the water from the nuggets and cook it along with a vegetable such as spinach or beans.  No matter how I cooked, it never appealed to my taste buds.

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Chili Yogurt Mushrooms October 1, 2010

I was away from this space for over six weeks and hope all is well with my blog readers and friends! I went back home for few weeks and got back four days ago.  My vacation was okey and it rained everyday when I was in Hyderabad and I hear, it is still raining!

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Indian Cooking Challenge: Bari – Dried Lentil Dumpings August 15, 2010

This month’s challenge is Bari, dried lentil dumplings. These bari can be used in curries and stir fries to spice up and enhance the flavor. Valli picked Mamta’s recipe for  wadi/bari.

Bari are sun-dried until all the moisture in the baris is gone and stored in an air tight container for up to a year. I made half the given recipe, sun-dried half of them  and oven dried the other half. I do get plenty of sunshine but I do not have a balcony or a patio to dry it in the sun. I put mine in my window and dried it for 4 days. The other half that I oven dried, I left them in a 200 degree F oven for couple of hours. I turned them around after 1 hour. Two hours in the oven was not sufficient to dry the bari. So put it in my window to completely dry them. If using the oven, I would suggest baking it a little longer, perhaps 3 hours should do the job.

I found these baris very spicy. The flavor of cloves was overwhelming. As I was preparing it, I knew it was going to be very spicy and was tempted to cut back on the spices but still went ahead with the recipe. I double checked the measures to make sure I was adding the right quantity, as I made half the recipe. It was not the chili spice but the garam masala spice. Since I oven dried one batch of baris, I made tomato curry the following day. For 3 tomatoes, I used 10 bari, added 3-4 green chilies. It yielded about 3 cups of curry and despite adding very few spices, tomato curry was spicy hot! Just be cautious when using these baris. Just 5-6 baris would have sufficed to spice up the curry, for the quantity I made.  I should have know better as Mamta did mention it on her blog.


Source: Mamata.

I am not reposting the recipe here right now as I do not have time to do so.  I shall update it later.  Until then, please  head over to Mamata’s blog.


Kakarakaya Kura ~ Bitter Gourd Fry July 6, 2010

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Indian Cooking Challenge: Ras Malai May 15, 2010

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This month’s challenge is Ras Malai and I was more than happy to try out the recipe from scratch. Before I get to the recipe and the challenge, I would like to wish MySpicyKitchen on its 2nd Birthday!  Exactly two years ago, MyspicyKithen was born and today, what better way to celebrate it than with my favorite Indian sweet, Ras Malai!

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