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On The Menu August 1, 2008

Here is the menu, indexed by categories.

Vegetarian Menu, Non-Vegetarian Menu, Beverages-Bakes-Desserts Menu

Vegetarian Menu
Appetizers/Snacks/Breakfast, Chutneys/Salads, Curries & Fries, Dals, Gravies & Soups, Entrees, Rice

Non-Vegetarian Menu
Appetizers/Snacks/Breakfast, Curries, Gravies, Entrees, Rice

Beverages/Cakes/Desserts Menu
Beverages, Bakes, Desserts


3 Responses to “On The Menu”

  1. Sheela Says:

    I liked the Chicken Biryani style of yours, I have to prepare for about 25 people.

  2. Sheela Says:

    Today I have tried the chicken dhum biryani, which turned out very very excellent!! I followed exactly all the steps in the recipe and bingo it turned out super. My family enjoyed, and they were holding their stomachs cuz they ate so much!!!!!!!!

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