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Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani July 17, 2008

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54 Responses to “Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani”

  1. Apple Says:

    Waaahhhhhh! 😦 This’s so yummy n attractive…I never get this nice texture for rice 😦

    may be you are over cooking the rice…. it took me many trial and errors to get the right texture….;)

  2. Prahalad Says:

    Looks and tastes so good.It has that aroma of authentic Hyderabadi.It cannot be put in words,it has to be experienced. This reciepe reminded me of the experience I had when I tasted the biryani prepared by Late Shri Alam Saab, chief cook of the Hyderabad royalty at the Chowmahalla palace. Thank you.

  3. Spiceaholic Says:

    Yum! I’m definitely putting this on my to-try list.

  4. fahmeena Says:

    hey i hv a doubt here!u said rice n chicken shud b mixed n left for dum…shudnt v cook hicken first seperately and then mix it wid half cooked rice n leave it for dum???plz lemme know?

    the one you are referring to is pre-cooked or pakhi chicken biryani. I prepare mutton biryani that method. If you wish, you can follow that method for chicken biryani too. In which case, you have to cook rice little long, until it is almost done.

  5. Sam Says:

    awesome!! we tried and loved it!! thanks for sharing…..

    I am glad it came out good and you liked it. Feedback from viewers like you is very encouraging… 🙂

  6. Suresh Says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. We loved it and I am going to make it again tomorrow along with the chicken shorva.

    My pleasure.. i am glad you liked it 🙂

  7. veena Says:

    vow! recipe sounds delicious. iam ready to prepare.thanks for sharing.

  8. Anna Says:

    hai…i am going to try this recipe for lunch on my FIL’s b’day ,he loves chicken biryani…will let u know how it tasted ….

    Please do let me know how it turns out 🙂

  9. Asha Says:

    Hi Usha,
    I have tried this method and The Biryani was superb. It tasted soo good and looked excellent. It reminded me of the Bawarchi Biryani in Hyd. Thanx for the wonderful receipe.

    Asha, I am glad you liked and thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know how it came out. Comments like yours are very encouraging . Thank you!

  10. Monica Says:

    I tried this recipie. It turned out excellent. Thanks for sharing that.

    I am glad you liked it and it turned out well. Thanks for letting me know. It is very encouraging when i receive feed back from my readers.

  11. Rajendra Penna Says:

    My wife tried it yesterday and it turned out fabulous despite making do with less Ghee than suggested. The ‘zaffran’ was the weakest link probably because the one we used tasted a little medicinal, but other than that it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

  12. Casablanca Says:

    Hi Usha,
    I tried this recipe today and it came out very nice. Your tip for checking rice, helped me to get the RIGHT texture for rice. (Earlier my biriyani used to be very soft and watery) My only addition to this is that I added a 2 teaspoons of Kewda essence to the boiling water before I added rice and I think it made more authentic. I know some people use dry/wet plums when makimg dum biriyani…do you have such a recipe using plums? if so can you share? Thanks,

    Cassy, thank you for let me know how it turned out. I use kewda once in a while and I add it to cooked rice and chicken along with saffron milk. Next time I will try adding it to boiling water.

    I don’t have any recipes using plums. I know lot of recipes call for nuts and dry fruits in biryani but I personally don’t like them in biryani. If I come across any good recipes, I will let you know.


  13. it was superb fantastic , marvalous………… thanks for this recipe

  14. preethi Says:

    Hi , if i want to cook in oven at wat temperature should i cook and how long?

  15. sarah Says:

    hi, i recently tried out your chicken shorva and it turned out excellent.thank you. margaret

    You are welcome…. am glad it came out well and you liked it…

  16. Asha Says:

    Hi Usha,

    I’m a diehard fan of Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani esp. from Bawarchi and was missing it badly after coming to Bangalore. I’ve searched a lot of recipes but wasn’t so convinced that they would taste good. But as soon as i read yours i was tempted to try it out. Now i’m making chicken biryani every weekend and still not getting bored of it 😀 Thanks a billion for sharing this

    You are welcome and my pleasure to share it with you all. In fact, I am making chicken biryani today… it is cooking…. can’t wait to eat it…. it smells so good when it is cooking… 🙂

  17. TB Says:

    I’ve been looking for an authentic recipe and based on the recipe and user comments, maybe I have found one! Will try for my family asap!

    Do let me know how it came out.

  18. nive Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful recipe , it came out fantastic .Now have to try the mutton.

  19. Ranajoy Says:

    The recipe sounds excellent to me-will try it very soon-but I was wondering what is the function of ” 1 cup of chopped mint”?

    There is no specific function of mint. It just adds more flavor to rice. If you wish you could cut back a little on mint but do use at least some of it.

  20. chiku Says:

    sorry,mujhe acha nahi laga aapka preparation ..that untaste full.

    I am sorry it did not turn out good.

  21. Baghya Says:

    Hye, we tried at home and it came out very well. thanx for sharing the recipe with photos

  22. Pinal Says:

    This recipe sounds very delicious and I really want to make it for my husband since he is always begging me to make biryani. I feel confident now that I have found a very authentic recipe. I just have one question, are you placing uncooked marinated chicken when you start layering it with rice or it’s half cooked? If it’s only marinated, can the chicken cook all the way in 15-20 mins?? Ok, so I had two questions, but please help.

    I used raw marinated chicken. The bottom layer is chicken followed by 2 layers are rice. In the US chicken cooks very fast. It will be done in the time I mentioned.

  23. CJ Says:

    This recipe looks delicious! I have a couple questions before i cook this. What type of chicken do you use? Is it a whole chicken or just like the chicken breast? Do you use bones or boneless? Also wanted to know if you have a good recipe for tamarind chutney? Thanks a lot!

    I use whole chicken and I cut it into desired pieces. This way I get all teh pices, bonless and bone chicken.

    I am sorry, I don’t have any recipe for tamarind chutney.

  24. sarah Says:

    hi. i tried your your chicken biryani and it turned out awesome. i am from andhra but born and briught uo in mumbai. recently we were in hyderebad for my husband’s official work and we visited the paradise restaurant. the biryani was superb. i am always in look out for goog recipes and am very fond of nonveg. the biryani masala you mentioned in the recipe is very authentic and no need to out any store biught masala. i love your recipes. i want you to put up spicy chicken curry andhra style. i live in bombay but all my neighbours keep asking me the recipes i make though all of them are maharashtrian they love andhra food. i am very much inspired by you.

  25. sood Says:

    I had to let you know …. your recipe is awseome!!! I am based in Markham, Canada and could find all the ingredients with ease. First time i tried Briyani & it was beautiful.


  26. nag Says:

    Tried your recipe today with a small twist …amazing !!

  27. Vishnu Vardhan Says:

    Excellent style.of preparing Hyderabadi Dum chicken Biryani. I have been fallowing this style from past 10 time and never failed.

  28. rashmi Says:


    thnk u soo much for this recipe.. i was looking for it for ages . cn u help me wid few questions though
    1) in the pre cooked method , i just need to cook the chicken in gravy for some time nd the rice needs to be 75 percent cooked right ?
    2) i dnt ve a huge cooking pot, so hw long do u think i can put it in the oven ? at wht temp ?
    love ur site
    good wrk

    Sorry for the late reply. I have not been blogging lately and did not check the blog in the last few days.
    Yes, cook the chicken until is fully cooked and all the water evaporates. Rice needs to be almost fully cooked, that is about 80-90% cooked. Then arrange chicken pieces and rice in an oven safe pan or a dish, I would prefer a long dish or aluminium pan and bake for 10 minutes on 400F and 20-25 minutes on 350F. Bear in mind oven temperatures vary from oven to oven.
    You can follow my Mutton Biryani recipe and if using chicken, it can be cooked on stove top and does not require pressure cooking.

  29. roopa Says:

    I cooked it last week, Everything was great, like , smell, taste, but it got burnt in the bottom.
    I will try again this week.


  30. Harsha Yedla Says:

    I am in Minneapolis, MN. I rarely cook and never cooked Biryani before. Used to spend money every weekend to buy Hyderabadi Biryani from an Indian store. Tried your recipe. Took about 3 hrs but the end product was awesome. My family loved it as well. Thank you. Now I am very confident that I will never buy it from outside again.

    It is a lengthy process but tastes awesome. I am glad it came out good

  31. sana Says:

    Hi, The biryani turned out amazing. All of us enjoyed thoroughly:). But mine got burnt a little at the bottom. Why did that happen? Rest everything was great.

    Sana, cook it longer on low flame and shorter on high flame… that might do the trick…. or add a little bit of water or milk to keep it moist. I would strongly suggest cooking it longer on low flame though.

  32. Sudha Says:


    Can you please tell me how many whistles you keep when you pressure cook the rice. Thank you.

  33. Sudha Says:

    Actually I was looking at the recipe for Egg Biryani..and my previous question was related to that.

  34. Pratik Says:

    Hi, Superb recipe!!!! Three Cheers…
    I am CKP, authentic non-veg food lover and I have been trying various preparation Chicken Biryani since last 4 years. I have used your marinade preparation as it is except the chillies and used the rice preparation as it is except the ginger garlic paste, it turned out “The Best”. I was reluctant to give a try for” kachi” biryani, but the results are amazing. This time my wife finished 2 serving before I even could end up with the first. She loved it a lot. She said a tangy / sour taste was missing, and it may be due to the curd used was out of pack made by Chitale, so next time I will try with home made sour Curd…. Good Job

  35. Rev Says:

    how much garam masala powder to use assuming im not grinding the spices but using those found in packets….and is it ok to not include bay flower?? cause im not too sure what that is…

    By making your own masala it should give you about 3/4 tbsp of garam masala powder. If you are using store bought masala, I would suggest you use 1/2 tbsp and add more if required. Mix all the ingredients listed under marinade (except chicken) in a bowl and taste it… if it is not spicy enough, add more garam masala… How spicy the garam masala is, varies from brand to brand and hence can’t give you an accurate measure on this…. teh best way is to taste it and adjust accordingly…. and I personally don’t use store bought garam masala in my day to day cooking…

  36. Shireen Says:

    Thank you for this recipe! It comes closest to what I’ve had in Bangalore, and folks I’ve made it for thoroughly enjoyed it.

  37. Maz Says:

    hi… i dont quite understand what you did with the lime juice and salt to taste thats under the spices for ground masala?

    Lime juice and salt are part of the marinade. I will list it before the garam masala to avoid the confusion.

  38. Maz Says:

    Also, what is Bay Flower or Biryani Flower? i live in the UK. I have many asian cash and carrys nearby but i dont seem to remember ever coming across this? what does it look like?

    If you can not find biryani flower, you can omit it. I don’t know if you get it in the UK. I live in the US and we don’t get it here either. I bring it from India. I don’t know the other name for Biryan flower, however I will give to a link to the images.


  39. Maz Says:

    thank you for replying… i have one more question please… which cardamoms do you mean? black or green? thank you. i really want to try this recipe as i’ve never cooked chicken in biryani just by dam.

    Green cardamoms, the one we use to prepare garam masala or in cooking… not the big ones.

  40. Maz Says:

    i finally cooked it! wow! it was soooo good. even though i lessoned the chillies it was still HOTT but sooo tasty! absolutely loved it! unfortunately i couldnt find the biryani flower but i was still so tasty. I was so skeptical of the amount of mint you used but how wrong i was!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
    if i could trouble you with another question please.
    what kind of dish would you recommend to cook this kind of food in? i cook for a LARGE family. and cooper pots are so expensive. i dont like non-sticks as im paranoid about them chemicals. and how thick should the base be? sorry i know you’re probably sick of me.
    But thanks for this great recipe. i usually use boxed mixes but never again!

    Sorry for the late reply… been a little busy… I am glad it came out good… and good that you adjusted the chilies to your taste… don’t worry about the biryani flower.. sometimes even I skip this ingredient, when I run out of my supply that I bring back from India…

    I don’t use non-stick pots either… the only non-stick cookware I have are the frying pans, bcz it is very convenient and easy to cook dry vegetables and meats… I mean stir fries… For biryani I use stainless steel or a calphalon pot. I don’t know what brands you get in UK… I will give u links to some of the cookware I think should be okey… give me sometime, I am gonna be a little busy the next 10 days…

    If you think ur pot is not very thick, you could put a tawa or a pan on the burner and then put the biryani pot on this tawa and u have a thick bottomed pan! 🙂 Or adjust the heat/flame of the stove and the cooking time… That should do the trick

  41. Maz Says:

    Hi, thanks for replying and don’t worry about it taking quite long. I know you must be busy. I’ll wait for the links for whenever you get a chance. I do use the tawwa technique you gave but I need a bigger pot & wanted to know what to go for.

    I also wanted to let you know that i was asking around online about Biryani Flower. Someone told me that in English it’s called Star Anise. Have you heard of it? I couldnt believe it as i have that in my cupboard! It’s very strong. She also said that Anasapauvvu is the telugu name for it.
    Comment 90+ on teh following Link:

    Thanks once again, your a gem!

    • usha Says:

      Hi Maz,

      I am sorry for the late reply. The Biryani Flower I use is not star anise. You could substitute it for the Biryani Flower or you could skip it all together.

      As for the pot, today I was in Macy’s, a department store in the US, and checked out the cookware. I don;t know if you get these brands in the UK. I will give you the links so that you get an idea how thick the bottom of the pan ought to be.
      also check the belgique pot. I cooked in this pot at my cousin’s place and it came out good.

      No matter which brand you buy, make sure the bottom is thick. Both Cuisinart and Belgique have a thick bottom.
      OR why don;t you check out the pots in Indian grocery stores? They might have pots that are used in India.

      Hope this helps.

  42. Vijaya Says:


    I am from Andhra too, started cooking only after I came to USA.

    I accidentally came upon your blog and loved the biriyani recipes.

    I made both Hyderabadi Chicken and Mutton biriyani in pre-cooked meat method. Both times the biriyani came out just great, even though I used less oil and didn’t use saffron.

    Thanks for posting the recipes.

  43. Clarita Says:

    Hi Usha

    Just one word! Delissshhh! Perfect taste and texture of rice! My only issue was that my chicken got burnt. I salvaged as much of it as I could. I used a dutch oven on my electric stove. How do you avoid burning it? I’d like to try cooking it in the oven without pre-cooking the meat…any suggestions for temp and how long? Thanks again!

    There are 2 thing you could do to avoid burning of the chicken.
    1. Add more water so that the chicken doesn’t burn.
    2. Reduce the cooking time on high. If you cooked it for 8-10 minutes on high, I would suggest 6-8 minutes perhaps… Cook it just until stream starts to escape from the vessel and reduce the heat. Also reduce the cooking time on medium heat. Cook it for only 17-18 minutes. It is a little tricky with the electric burns… although we reduce the heat, the burn is still hot and takes a few minutes to cool down the burn/coil. I would suggest you open the pot, mix it well and if the rice is not done, then cook it for few more minutes.

    I have not cooked tried raw meat biryani in the oven. I would suggest cooking it on 450 F for about 15 minutes and then reducing the temperature to 350 F and cook for another 25-30 minutes. Check if it is done and if not, bake it little longer. As I said before, I have not cooked raw meat biryani in the oven. If you do try it, let me know at what tempaerature and how long you baked it.

    I hope this helps

  44. HI,
    Kindly check my site.

    I used your recipe and it came out awesome. But I was so foolish that I didnt read the comments before I tried the recipe, if not wudnt have burnt the dish, though it didnt give the burning smell and secondly the rice was kindda over cooked but didnt have the texture of how it sud be for briyani’s and the colour was full of masala and was unlike urs.. other than that it was awesome, spicy and wonderful. First time to your blog and you have wonder ful recipes indeed.. Thanks.

  45. Saritha Says:

    Tried this yesterday. Turned out extremely well. Thanks for posting the recipe

  46. rani aus Says:

    i realy want to try the hydrbad dum briyani i want to know what milk you menssion in your recipe .tq

  47. philmader Says:

    Maybe I am the first “gora” to have cooked your recipe? I lived in Hyderabad for some time and fell in love with the Biryani so bad! So I cooked this at home for my girlfriend and a friend (both German), following mostly your recipe (though I peeked at a few other recipes, and had to skip some ingredients which were impossible to get). It turned out really great! Thank you for posting this easy-to-follow and really tasty recipe.

  48. manju talreja Says:

    this recipe just turned out awesome, thanks so much for sharing

  49. g chandra mohan Says:

    i am staying in hyd but i have not eate like this chicken biryani
    it was very very good tasty . like this chicken biryani outside in which resturant can i get to taste

    • usha Says:

      Nowadays, whenever I visit Hyd, I end up eating lot of homemade biryani and have not tried it out at restaurants. From what I remember, Paradise & Hyderabad House have good biryani. I once ate biryani from four seasons and that was delicious… I hope this helps.

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