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Indian Cooking Challenge: Ariselu March 15, 2010

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19 Responses to “Indian Cooking Challenge: Ariselu”

  1. Srimathi Says:

    This is my fav sweet.I know its a little hard to make.I will try with Chinese rice and see how it turns out.

  2. Vidhas Says:

    Looks so delicious. i also tried the second one. nice click.

  3. ummrazeen Says:

    what a perfect arisalu. even for me the second recipe helped me out

  4. Latha Says:

    Looks soft and chewy. Nice.

  5. Says:

    These look delicious and mouth watering.My 1st time here .

  6. Smitha Says:

    urs look perfect too…and yummy!!!


  7. Swathi Says:

    Ariselu,looks perfect

  8. Jayasri Says:

    Wow, perfect pics, first time here, they look absolutely delicious!!, as if I could pick one up, Happy ugadi to you and your family, you have a lovely blog

    Thanks Jaysri!

  9. yummy and i am glad someone showed how the flour is ready to look before frying that was my main concern when i was making them

  10. Srivalli Says:

    Good that it finally worked out..:)

  11. Malar Gandhi Says:

    This is one of the tuffest traditional sweet, hats off to ur effort.:)

  12. padma Says:

    Your ariselu looks very mouth watering.

  13. Daisyblue Says:

    Looks delicious …

  14. PJ Says:

    I made my own rice flour at home with thai rice coz I too don’t have the luxury of grinding it in the rice mill.Yours looks very tempting..

  15. Bong Mom Says:

    I could have never guessed this was the first time you were trying Hilsa :-). I mean you tried cooking eat even though you had never ate it 🙂 That is brave.

    Usually Hilsa needs a lot of practice eating it. You are very right about the bones. It is a very very tasty fish but deboning it is hard unless you know the technique

  16. Bong Mom Says:

    And Happy Ugadi with such a delicious sweet

  17. Lata Raja Says:

    So many of you have tried the recipe 2! They have turned out perfect!

  18. usha Says:

    Sheela, thanks for the wonderful comments!

    As for the Ariselu queries, you can not use regular rice four. You have the soak the rice for few hours, dry it and then grind it to powder. That is a lengthy process and back in India, people send it to the mill. Abroad, since we don’t have that luxury, we have to do it at home in a grinder.

    For Jaggery, check this link. It is her recipe that I followed.

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